Father Arrested After Punching 14-Year-Old Daughter For Revealing Possible Affair


A father has been taken into custody after his 14-year-old daughter was put in the hospital after an occurrence on Monday evening.

Christopher Andrighetti, 39, was placed in the Franklin County Jail, in Alabama, on charges of first degree domestic violence, child abuse, and second degree domestic violence.

He was taken into custody at Town and County Trailer Park, near Russellville after his daughter had gone to a neighbor’s house for assistance as she was injured.

When deputies got to the location, they discovered Andrighetti inside of a closet with blood on his arms and hip area. They also discovered another child in the closet, as well.

Broken beer bottles, smashed items, a broken Nintendo Switch, a broken TV, smashed laptops, and blood on the scene were also noted.

Authorities say that the teenage daughter had told her mother that Andrighetti had a social media page and was possibly cheating on her.

The father then started to punch the teen and throw things at her. When he demanded that she clean up the mess, the teen left the home out of the open door.


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