Father Daughter Pilot Duo Celebrate Fathers Retirement After 44 Years Of Flying


A father daughter duo just recently celebrated the fathers retirement after flying for 44 years.
Fiona Austin McDonald posted to Instagram to wish her father, Wade Austin McDonald a happy 65th birthday while continuously congratulating him on his retirement after 44 years of being a pilot.
A Guyana native, Wade says he aspired to be a pilot at the tender age of 7 when he received a PanAm jet toy for Christmas.
Fiona took to Instagram expressing how her father inspired her career path of being a woman pilot. She said when she use to visit her dad at work it lead to her becoming a flight attendant to gain experience in the industry.
“It feels really good to follow in his footsteps, but this job is one where you have to create your own path. It is a very dynamic career and all the work is on you. No one else can fly for you, do your check rides or perform your duties. His story may also be totally different from mine as a woman in aviation,” Fiona said in an interview with Because Of Them We Can.
She also went on to say on Instagram that, “it had been an honor to work with her father.”



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