Father Returns To Fishing After Shark Bit Off His Pinky Finger


A Florida father, Brett Reeder, had his finger bitten off by a shark during a family fishing day.

On July 17, Reeder’s finger was severely wounded as he tried to pull the hook and release a lemon shark. Reeder had unintentionally reeled it in off of the Sunmerland Key.

A TikTok recording, that has been removed, depicted Reeder leaning over the boat and tussling with the shark.

“It was hooked in the gills, and I was trying to get the hook out when the shark took a sharp turn”.

All of a sudden, the shark bit Reeder’s left pinky and twisted as his family looked on in shock.

“I lost my goddam pinky!” Reeder screamed in the video.

The six foot shark swam away afterwards, and Reeder was left in need of medical treatment.

“We immediately pulled anchor and Mandy cut the line as Courtnee and Bekah applied a tourniquet to my arm under the elbow,” he said.

Reeder was airlifted to Jackson South Hospital where doctors successfully re-attached his finger with 100 stitches, a pin, and a cast.

Reeder has now continued to fish, as his hand is bandaged up. He was recently seen on a TikTok video.


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