Father Searching for Answers After His 31 Year Old Daughter’s Deceased Body Was Found Floating In A Trashcan


A day prior to the corpse of a 31-year-old woman was located floating in a trash can, in a waterway in Texas, her dad had been having a nice breakfast with her.

“Everything was normal that day,” Coy Vercher said about his moments with his daughter on July 18.

The next day, a tour boat captain smelled a bad odor coming from a trash can in the Buffalo Bayou in Houston. Authorities responded to the area and found a human body stuffed in the trash can.

Shelby Vercher, 31, was identified as the victim by the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office. Her cause of death is unknown at this time.

Coy believes that his daughter was killed as the trash can “had the lid screwed down tight.”

“They won’t tell me the cause of death. They won’t tell me anything else. I want some answers. And I want the people who did this caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law.”

He added that during breakfast, Shelby talked about getting her life back together. She had been sober, recently, after going to rehab for an addiction, her dad said. She was a mother of three boys and had just come back to Houston to assist in her father’s care.

When they talked for the last time, Shelby told her dad that she would call him when she got to her destination. However, he never received that call.

“She would do anything in the world for anybody. There was nothing selfish about her. Nothing. She was trying to get her life together, but it got cut short,” her father said.


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