Father Shares Heart-Warming Story Of Helping Another Father In Need


A traveling tattoo artist, MJ The Tattooartist, has shared a powerful story, on Facebook, of helping out another in their time of need.

He talked about sitting in his truck, waiting for his kids to exit the school building when a man approached him with something. Initially, he thought that the man wanted a tattoo.

“So one day, I was in the mall shopping for my oldest daughter. We were in Foot Locker getting some white forces,” MJ stated.

He added that he saw a dad with four kids being rung up, and the cashier had put a pair of shoes off to the side. He saw that the man was $45 short in order to buy all of the items, as his son, about 14, told his dad that it was okay.

“My heart instantly dropped. But the dad was like ‘Nah, you going to high school this year and need some shoes.'” MJ says that he then took $100 out of his pocket, crumbled it up, and threw it at the man’s feet.

“… I tapped him and said, ‘bruh, you dropped some money.’ He said, ‘No, I didn’t,’ and I pointed and said, ‘I seen it fall out your pocket.’ He looked at me real hard and just said thank you. He paid for the shoes, and I paid for my daughter’s shoes and left up out of there.”

MJ says that he knows that he could have just handed the man the cash, but he didn’t want to shake up his pride as he was trying to be a good father. “So, I made it seem like he had it the whole time.”

“So, back to this $100 I just received. It was the same dude from Foot Locker.”


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