Florida Stripper Kills 3 Teens In DUI Crash


An exotic dancer in Florida has been charged with DUI manslaughter after striking 3 teens walking to the bus.
According to reports Mariam Coulibaly,31 was leaving The Body strip club over Memorial Day weekend when she crashed into 3 teens killing them.
The crash happened Saturday morning when Gideon Desir,13, Lens Desir,15 and Richecarde Dumay,17 were walking along the sidewalk to a bus stop to go to their soccer tournament.
Coulibaly swerved off the road doing about 60 miles and struck all 3 teens killing them instantly.
She was transported to Aventura hospital and treated for a broken hip and other injuries.
Authorities say toxicology report shows she was driving while intoxicated and has been cited for 42 traffic violations since 2008 that included at least 7 crashes.
Coulibaly was discharged from the hospital Tuesday and charged with DUI manslaughter.


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