Former NFL Player, Sam Hurd, Released From Federal Prison


Ex-Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Sam Hurd, has been freed from federal prison. He had served 10 years of his 15-year sentence for drug trafficking.

In 2011, while a member of the Bears, Hurd was apprehended by federal agents in a sting operation. He had met with an undercover agent at a steakhouse to talk about purchasing five to ten kilos of cocaine a week, at $250,000 each kilo.

After saying that he would be a part of the fake deal, the feds apprehended him in the parking lot. He plead guilty and was held at the Bastrop Federal Penitentiary in Texas. He was processed in San Antonio and then transferred to either a halfway house or home confinement.

“Unlike some inmates after release from prison, Sam, in the future, will follow the right path and be a positive part of society,” one of his lawyers said.

“Sam was one of the very good guys that was drawn into the trap of illicit drugs. The federal judge that reluctantly imposed the severe sentence was confident that when Sam returned home, he’d be law-abiding and successful. Sam is a smart and caring person. Keep the criminals away from tricking him, and he’ll be just fine.”


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