Forney Family Flees House, Fearful of Retaliation


Nekia Trigg, 18, and her family have left their residence in Forney, Texas, after getting death threats over a viral video. The video revealed a white officer mounting the Black teen.

The family lawyer, Kim T. Cole, said the family received direct messages. They read, “they got what they deserved” during the incident.

It was said that Nekia’s mother, Antanique Ray, was apprehended by police when Nekia was being taken away in handcuffs. Now, the family fears they maybe retaliated against by local citizens and police.

Nekia is concerned that her mother could spend time in jail, and that would make her homeless.

Cole stated that lawsuits are coming.

Martin actually got on top of Nekia and held her arms down as she told him she couldn’t breathe.

Authorities say Nekia was jumping in front of cars trying to hurt herself.  Her family denies that accusation.


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