Foster Mom Finally Paid $1,000 After Issues With Foster Daughter


One of Carol Ferrer’s passions is to care for children.

However, last July, one of her foster children kept reporting that water was coming out of the floor.

Various plumbers came to take a look for an entire week. The water went from the kitchen to bathroom and way across to the living room.

After her bills kept increasing and nothing found wrong, she started to be suspicious of her foster daughter.

One day, she caught her throwing water on the floor. The girl admitted to Carol and the foster agency that she had been throwing it.

Carol reached out to the case manager for assistance with the bill of $1,000. However, no one was assisting her.

After others got involved, Carol was finally sent a $1,700 check from the agency.

“I couldn’t be happier,” she declared.

She said she will keep fostering children because the need is great.



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