Foster Mother Arrested For The Murder Of Her 5-Year-Old Foster Child


Tammy Longie, 48, was arrested and given life in prison for murdering her 5-year-old foster child in North Dakota.

Prosecutors said that Tammy and her husband Erich Longie, 45, fatally abused the 5-year-old who name was Raven Thompson and also mistreated her 7-year-old brother. The prosecutors described it as “tragic and horrifying”.

Raven’s body was found lying on the concrete floor in the basement of Longie’s home. An autopsy determined that raven died of injuries suffered during “multiple episodes of trauma”.

The 7-year-old boy, Zane Thompson was admitted to the hospital for a month due to neglect, abuse and starvation. A doctor said there was bruising on his body due to consistent abuse, but the primary concern was heart failure due to malnutrition.

At first tammy denied the abuse and told detectives “She would only hit the children open-handed on the butt, put them in time-out, or make (them) go to bed early,”.

Tammy pleaded guilty to second degree murder, three counts of child abuse and child neglect in Indian Country.

Her husband Erich was also charged and convicted in the case and received the same life
Their two biological children were also abused, according to investigators.



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