Fourth Grader Cuts Hair Off And Donates It To A Freshman Battling Cancer

PhotoCredit: KTRE

In her freshman year, Rylee Brooks, a student at Central ISD, in Pollock, Texas, first started to feel ill and was eventually diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomysarcoma and Sertoli-Leydig, right after making the varsity basketball team.

Brooks had to undergo surgery to get rid of a tumor and other spots. Afterwards, she started chemo and radiation treatments which led her to losing her hair.

Hadassah Schroeder, a fourth grader in the district, learned about what Brooks was enduring from her mother, who is an educator at the high school.

Thus, Schroeder chose to cut off her own hair and give it to Brooks in order to create a wig.

“I went to Great Clips and went in there, and I cut off I think about 15 inches,” Schroeder expressed. “I really wanted to do something for someone.”

Brooks says that she was deeply touched by the gesture.

“I was just like wow, someone did that for me, and I just appreciate it a lot,” Brooks stated.

At this time, Brooks has finished her first round of chemo and has finished radiation. Throughout the summer, she will still have chemo every three weeks. Her last administration of  will be in September right before the basketball season starts.


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