Frisco Man Dies In Holding Cell From Drinking Unknown Liquid Right After Being Found Guilty Of Child Sexual Assault


After being found guilty of sexual assault of a child, in a Denton court, a 57-year-old man, from Frisco, Texas, died in custody.

The incident occurred on Thursday after the trial of Edward LeClair, 57, in the 16th District Court, concluded.

Authorities say that LeClair was found guilty of sexual assault of a child and then was placed in custody by the sheriff’s office.

Officials added that Leclair had a big water bottle, that seemed to have cloudy water inside of it, at the trial.

It was said that Leclair wasn’t drinking out of it while the trial was taking place but drank it quickly once the guilty verdict was read.

Leclair was put into a holding cell and eventually collapsed. He was transported to a medical facility where he was later declared deceased.

The Texas Rangers is currently conducting an investigation.

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