Georgia Man Sentenced For Spending A Random Deposit Made Into His Account


Steven Fields, 18, has been sentenced 10 years on probation after spending part of a $31,000 check that was mistakenly deposited into his account.

In March 2014, Fields was charged with theft after a bank teller deposited a check that belonged to a 70-year-old with the same name and lives in the same town.

After Fields received the mistaken deposit, he withdrew $20,000 and spent $5,000 off his ATM card. When he tried to take more money out the next day the bank informed him about the mistake and called the local authorities.

“I informed Mr. Fields that the bank wanted the money back as soon as possible,” the police report stated. “Mr. Fields stated that he would go to the bank and talk with Mrs. Bryant and try to settle this situation without going to jail.”

Fields spent money at various stores, fast-food restaurants and even a car dealership where he bought a BMW convertible, according to authorities. Authorities are hoping to auction off the car.

He is ordered to pay restitution to the 70-year-old victim.


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