Georgia Teen Dies From COVID-19 After Being Sent Home Twice From The Hospital


Tyler Fairly, a high school football player, was turned away from the hospital twice after testing positive for the Coronavirus.

His mom said on July 23, the 17 year-old was diagnosed with pneumonia and released from the hospital. The second time, he was sent home again and told to hydrate. She said that he was not given the proper care from Douglas Wellstar Medical Center.

On the second occurrence, the nurses refused to aid him in getting in the car. They let him go, and he fell on his face in the car. She asked them to watch him as he wasn’t speaking or responding. They told her that he was just in pain from the virus, she said.

After experiencing seizures all day, he was taken to a children’s hospital in Atlanta and was intubated. He passed away on August 1.

His mother believes he was treated differently because he was unvaccinated.