Governor Greg Abbott Says Gyms And Some Businesses Will Reopen May 18


Governor Greg Abbott announced Tuesday that gyms will be reopening on May 18 as well as several office buildings.
Although gyms won’t be fully opened they will be opened to 25% capacity all equipment must be disinfected after each use and customers must use gloves and use six-feet social distancing. Showers and locker rooms will not be open for public use and any equipment brought into the gym must be disinfected before and after use.
As for the bars and clubs Gov Abbott still has not set a date to reopen those establishments.
While making his announcements he also clarified some misunderstandings regarding the 25 percent capacity limits at restaurants.
He said the 25% lo do not apply to outdoor seating at restaurants, but the social distancing rules of six feet do. The capacity limit does remain in effect for indoor seating.


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