Grandmother Left Raising Her 12 Grandchildren After Daughter Dies Giving Birth


A grandmother in Detroit has been taking care of her 12 grandchildren after her 35-year-old daughter died during childbirth in December.

Nakita Washington lost her life as she gave birth to her son, Nathaniel, at Harper University Hospital.

“They’re taking it hard. They have good days, and they have bad days,” stated Patricia Pouncey, Washington’s mother.

Relatives are now waiting on autopsy results.

“If she died naturally, I want to know. If one of them doctors did something, I wanna know that, too. I’m hurt. I’m confused,” she said.

A statement released by the Detroit Medical Center offered condolences but didn’t mention any of the details related to the matter.

As of now, the grandmother is working to ensure that her grandchildren are kept together.

“I already thought about it, and I’m gonna fight to keep them together and keep them with me,” she stated.

However, she needs assistance.

“I’m just stuck right now. I have all 12 of her kids right now with me, so I got to get a bigger house because my house is too small.”

The family is also in need of a car following a wreck.

“Whatever God sits on your heart to do, because we appreciate everything,” Pouncey stated.



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