Groom Dies 2 Weeks Before Wedding; Family Not Given Refund By Wedding Venue


A wedding venue in Utah has denied a family their refund after the groom died by suicide two weeks before the scheduled wedding.

Virginia Cervantes says Kevin, who has now passed away, and her daughter Daisy got engaged in March 2021. The family booked a date at the Woodhaven Pointe venue for the wedding and paid the fees, however, Kevin committed suicide early in September, just two weeks before the date.

The heartbroken family was forced to contact vendors, suppliers, and other services needed for the wedding and cancel. They were reimbursed by everyone except for Woodhaven Pointe.

According to the family, Woodhaven Pointe refused to give them a cash refund, saying that it’s noted in the contract of no cancellations 90 days before the date.

The venue has offered to provide a celebration of life event or a funeral for the family instead of the wedding.


  1. While its very sad this man passed, as a business owner, I side with the business. They are out that income unless by some miracle they can reschedule a replacement event. The celebration of life is a nice way to use the venue. Consumers are not the only ones hurting in this economy. Small businesses are hurting as well.

  2. i agree with the business and the family new he had some wellness issues thank God they didn’t get married he my have kill the hold family


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