Gunman Fires Randomly At San Antonio International Airport Before Officer Fatally Shoots Him


Gunman A San Antonio Park Police Officer saved the lives of many Thursday after killing a gunman at San Antonio International Airport.
Chief of Police, William McManus said the officer were dispatched to a call about a wrong way driver near the Terminal B arrival area. As the unarmed officer stopped the vehicle, the suspect jumped out the vehicle and opened fire, according to McManus.
The chief said the gunman, whose name hadn’t been released, was firing at random all around him. The officer returned fire the gunman killing him.
“The officer who stopped this saved a lot of lives,” McManus said. “This guy had a full box of ammunition. He had a .45-caliber handgun. He was shooting at the direction of the terminal, at the police officer, and behind him. We were very lucky not to have a lot of people injured or even killed.”
“What we had there was the start of an active shooter situation.”
The suspected gunman was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
McManus also said that investigators believe that the airport shooter hvn is the same man who was firing randomly form a highway overpass earlier Thursday. He also matched the description, according to McManus. The same shell casing that was found at the scene were the same casing to those found at the airport scene. McManus made it known that the suspect had a long history with the police department. The gunman being described in his 40s, and police believed that mental issues is what led to the shooting.
According to reports, one person was hit by shrapnel and was treated at the scene. Another person suffer from a ankle sprain as they were trying to get away from the gunfire.


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