Hampton University’s Graduated Student Creates Beautiful Doll Line For The Educational Experience


Brooke Hart Jones, graduated from Hampton University in 2002, and had continued to build her career in merchandising by using her personal and professional connection she created during her school years.

She stated that her college experience is what every black child deserves to have, and so when she went to purchase an HBCU branded doll for a friend’s child, she was dismayed by the lack of options.

She said that – “I went to search online to find one because in my mind, it exists – that surely this exist. For some reason, I felt I had seen it. So I went online to try and place an order, and I couldn’t find anything. And I’m like, ‘wait a minute, Are there not any Hampton dolls out there?’ So I started searching for different HBCU’s affiliated dolls, But I couldn’t find anything.

So she created a line of dolls that represented various key moments of an HBCU experience such as a homecoming queen figure, cheerleaders and a student body president.  And less than 2 years later Brooke partnered with a prominent black -owned company purpose Toys to release the her 18-in dolls. They are now being sold in Target’s and the feedback has been positive.



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