Harris County Officer Dies After Slamming Into The Back Of An 18-Wheeler


Deputy Robert Adam Howard, of the Harris County, Texas, sheriff’s office, died after an accident with an 18-wheeler on State Highway 249, close to Spring Cypress, on Wednesday.

Adam was transported to a medical facility in critical condition where he later died.

“Our hearts are broken as we announce the passing of our Deputy Robert Adam Howard who succumbed to his injuries after a crash that occurred…,” stated a Harris County spokesperson. “Our hearts are very heavy at this moment. We’re devastated that we’re losing such a great teammate, described as a workhorse described as having a great personality, funny, outgoing, and wonderful friend.”

Authorities say that Dep. Howard was driving northbound on 249, near Spring Cypress, in his HCSO Chevrolet Tahoe SUV to take evidence to a police station.

An 18-wheeler, with about a 40,000-pound load, was stationed on the shoulder of a road. However, it wasn’t in the way of any traffic or other lanes.

Detectives think that the deputy clipped the back part of the 18-wheeler. Afterwards, his vehicle went into the second-from-inside lane and hit a Chevrolet Silverado.

There were four vehicles total that were a part of the wreck.

Dep. Howard, 27, worked in the HCSO Gang Unit. He had been on the force since 2019.


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