High Profile Dallas Attorney, Ray Jackson, Arrested For Attempting To Launder Drug Money


Ray Jackson, a high-profile Dallas lawyer, was arrested after being caught in a laundering scheme.

A former client of Jackson’s was the leader of a “large-scale opioid distribution ring,” the U.S. attorney’s office for the Northern District of Texas said. He recommended Jackson to an undercover DEA agent as someone who could launder about half a million dollars in drug proceeds a month through a nontraceable cash businesses.

Jackson agreed to the money laundering during a meeting with an informant and an undercover federal agent, according to prosecutors. He then told an agent that he could launder around $500 a month through a non-traceable cash-businesses, like laundries and car washes.

Three weeks later the undercover DEA agent brought $100,000 up to Jackson’s office. Jackson deposited the money, minus a 5% fee, into the DEA’s undercover bank account using various bank accounts with his firm.

The next month the undercover DEA agent brought 300,000 to Jackson where he negotiated to do the same thing again minus the %5 fee.

Jackson was arrested in April 2021. A few months after being arrested, he entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to launder money. He was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison.


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