High School Basketball Coach Terminated After Pretending To Be 13-Year-Old Girl During JV Game


A 22-year-old high school basketball coach has been terminated after attempting to pass as a 13-year-old junior varsity player during a game.

Reports indicate that Arlisha Boykins, of the Churchland HS Truckers, in Virginia, pretended to be one of her players. That player had missed the game on Jan. 21 because of a club basketball tournament.

Boykins decided not play with one less player and took the missing player’s spot, instead. A recording of the game shows the fully-grown adult playing against the other team, doing a layup, landing a block, and making her free throws.

Now, Boykins has been terminated, and the rest of Churchland’s JV players and parents have decided not to play the rest of the season.

The father of the 13-year-old discussed the matter and said he was “shocked” by the coach’s behavior.

A representative for Churchland said that school officials weren’t at the away game and weren’t informed of Boykins’ involvement in the game to the following Monday.

The school has begun an investigation, and the student’s relatives are requesting an apology.




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