High School Senior Has Both Legs Amputated After Being Struck By Vehicle At Volleyball Tournament


On Saturday night, a high school senior in St. Louis, was a part of a volleyball tournament when she was struck by a vehicle. This led to her having both legs amputated.

Janae Edmondson was critically wounded after being struck by a vehicle at about 8:40 p.m. A car drove past a yield sign at an intersection and struck a parked vehicle and Edmondson.

The driver 21 year old Daniel Riley was apprehended for second-degree assault.

Sources report that Edmondson had just verbally accepted an offer to play volleyball for Middle Tennessee College.

“To take all those steps and in a moment for it to be gone. There’s just no words to try and communicate how you process that setback.”

A GoFundMe page has now been created for Edmondson’s relatives to assist with medical fees and future necessities.



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