Highland Park Shooting Suspect Admits To Killing And Planning Another Attack


On Wednesday, police provided more information about the man charged with killing seven people during a 4th of July parade.

The incident occurred in Highland Park, IL, after the man traveled to Wisconsin after the killing and “seriously contemplated” another shooting.

Authorities say that Robert “Bobby” Cremino, 21, has confessed to the killings. He also gave police information about his actions as investigators questioned him.

Deputy Chief Chris Covelli stated that Crimo went to Madison after the mass shooting and observed another holiday parade taking place.

“We don’t have information to suggest he planned on driving to Madison initially to commit another attack. We do believe that he was driving around following the first attack and saw the celebration,” said Covelli.

It isn’t known why Crimo didn’t carry out the second attack. However, it is believed that it wasn’t planned and well-thought out as the Highland Park shooting.

Authorities also aren’t sure why Crimo left Madison and went back to Illinois. There, he was arrested after he was pulled over in his mother’s vehicle. Crimo left his phone behind in Madison, but it is now in the possession of authorities.

On Wednesday, detectives told a judge that Crimo fired 30 rounds, kept shooting, and reloaded his gun again.

Crimo is in custody without bond. He has been charged with seven counts of first-degree murder. If he is found guilty, he will receive life in prison without the possibility of parole.

More charges are expected to come, including attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm.

45 people were wounded in the shooting. There were seven people who lost their lives. These include Katherine Goldstein, 64; Kevin McCarthy, 37;  Irina McCarthy, 35; Jacqueline Sundheim, 63; Stephen Strauss, 88; Nicholas Toledo-Zaragoza, 78; and Eduardo Uvaldo, 69.


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