Homeless Oregon Woman, 49, Could Have Claimed Nearly $900k from State Before her Death


Cathy Boone died homeless, living on the streets, and struggling to survive. Boone struggled with mental health issues and drug abuse. She had no idea she had money available to her.                  After her mother died, an attorney and personal representative assigned to her mother’s estate tried to find Boone. They took out advertisements in the local newspaper, messaged her on Facebook, emailed family members, tried reaching Boone by phone. In July 2019, a judge ordered $884,407 of the estate’s assets be sent to the Department of State Lands.                                       
In October, the department paid $884,000 to the personal representative of the estate of Cathy Boone.                                                                                                    On Jan. 13, 2020, Boone had breathing problems while staying at a shelter. An ambulance rushed her to St. Vincent’s hospital in Portland where she later died. The estate is working to identify all persons who might have claims to the money.



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