Homeowner Encounters Armed Intruders, Leading To A Shootout In Neighborhood


After seeing a group of men at his home, a man took action. A gun battle then ensued, in the neighborhood, in Jonesboro, Georgia.

A camera recording caught the incident. Luckily, the homeowner was unharmed.

“My first thought was to protect my house and protect my property. I just wanted to get the intruders away,” said Whitfield Smith.

“As I keep looking at the ring camera, I noticed a young man running from the neighbor’s yard across my yard. He then went into the street to meet up with two other gentleman,” the veteran added.

One of the males did something next that could have cost him his life.

“He sprints up my driveway. I can see from the camera he’s hunched down wearing a gray hoodie. He has a firearm in his hand…tries to get into the BMW in the driveway. The doors locked,” Smith stated.

“I grabbed my rifle, and I head outside,” he said.

Smith, who had on flip-flops, pajama bottoms, and no shirt, was ready to keep his wife safe as she hid inside.

“There was one gentleman on the other side of the trees, and the main one was right here using my truck as a shield,” Smith said.

During the incident, he was able to take his flip-flops off, go inside, put some clothes on, and go back out.

“This was coordinated. They were working together as a team to get this done,” Smith remarked.

The father believes that he wouldn’t be alive if his BMW hadn’t protected him from close to 24 bullets.

“I don’t want to die at home. I survived Afghanistan and everywhere else. To die at home? In my own yard?” said Smith.

The men were eventually able to get away with a gun that was inside of Smith’s truck.


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