Homeowner Won’t Face Charges For Fatally Shooting Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend Who Broke Down Front Door


A man in Sidney, Ohio, was shot and killed by a homeowner after attempting to break into a residence. Authorities say that the homeowner won’t be charged.

A grand jury in Shelby County chose not to proceed with charges against the individual. This was in relation to the occurrence that happened on Sunday, July 31, around 11 am. It resulted in the death of James Rayl, 22.

Doorbell camera recording shows Rayl had been banging on the door of a residence where his ex-girlfriend, Allyson Duckro, resides. The homeowner, her father, had asked him to leave and warned that he had a firearm.

Police say that Rayl hit the door with his shoulder, multiple times, later breaking the door down and going into the home. The father then shot his weapon three times. Rayl stammered back to the front of the garage and collapsed.

Rayl was declared deceased at the scene, and the homeowner was identified as Mitch Duckro.

An autopsy showed that Rayl had two gunshot injuries to his shoulder and one to the back.

A grand jury voted 8-1, opposing the indictment of Rayl, citing the “stand your ground” law. This meant that the homeowner doesn’t have to legally retreat from their residence before shooting a gun.

Rayl’s family has spoken out about the decision.

“I hope your days are more miserable than they’ve ever been. You’re a disgusting excuse of a human being along with your daughter,” they said, referring to Mr. Duckro.


  1. Good on him for protecting his family. What sort of family is the Rayls anyway, they obviously didn’t have any control over their son. I would have done exactly the same thing if this happened at my home.

  2. if the dad didn’t have a gun and had to fistfight dude could go 2 ways i think.kid sneaks 1 to dads chin hits head on steps padead or


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