Horrifying Video Depicts Amazon Delivery Driver Robbed At Gunpoint


Video footage has just been released that depicts when an Amazon driver was robbed at gunpoint in Central Florida.
Authorities have stated that the incident occurred January 13 in Orange County.

Detectives say that the driver was stationed at an apartment complex and was delivering packages. Then, two men had been waiting for him when he returned back to the truck.

One of the suspects could be observed pointing a gun to the driver’s neck. He forced him to give up his cell phone and wallet prior to the two men driving off with several packages.

The driver wasn’t injured.

Arkimase Divinard, 22, and Joel Aime, 23, have been apprehended in relation to the offense. They have been charged with robbery with a firearm.

Authorities say that the two suspects have a long criminal record. Together, they have 85 felony charges and 11 convictions.



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