Horse That Brings Awareness to BLM Dies Unexpectedly While Under the Care of Veterinarians


@makalathevirgo shared the heartbreaking story about owners who took their horse to a Denton County equine hospital to have a simple procedure done but when they returned to pick up their horse, they found him dead in the stall.

A horse named BLM, who’s been shared across social media, bringing awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement, was taken to Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital in Aubrey, Texas.

BLM was scheduled to have a common procedure done where his semen would be collected for future reproduction and he’d also be castrated.

His owners dropped him off in healthy condition and when they returned to pick him up, they found him dead in a stall.

BLM was sent to a pathologist for an autopsy while the owners requested details and information about what happened to him.

The veterinarians couldn’t provide any information on post-op care for BLM or documentation showing that any action was taken after the procedure.

A camera was seen mounted outside the stall BLM was staying in after the procedure, however, when asked about obtaining the footage the owners were told, “We’re not here for your social media needs.”


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