Hospital Employee Dies After Being Kicked In The Groin By Patient


40-year-old Kevin Robinson, a Sumter County, South Carolina, hospital worker, died after he was struck in the groin. This came after he was involved in a physical occurrence with hospital patient, Imani Cox, 27.

An autopsy was conducted on June 3. It has been determined that Robinson’s cause of death was psychological stress associated with a physical altercation in the setting of cardiomegaly and obesity.

Authorities say that on May 27, Cox attempted to leave the hospital where she was being held under a court-ordered evaluation. As she tried to do so, hospital workers and security attempted to prevent her from leaving.

Cox then became violent and retreated from a worker who tugged at her arms.

As the mental health unit arrived on the scene, Cox began to kick and then hit mental health technician Robinson in the groin using her knee. After three days in the ICU, Robinson passed away. His death was said to be a homicide.

“I can tell you 32 years in law enforcement, I’ve taken a kick or two in that area. It’ll take your breath,” stated Coroner Robbie Baker.

One psychiatrist, Todd Engles, says that he deals with patients who exhibit the same behavior and believes that ER doctors and security should receive mental health training. He added that it should be done annually to prevent similar incidents.

Robinson was employed at Prisma Health Toumey Hospital for more than 10 years. He was said to be a great friend and employee.

Cox is in custody at the Sumter County Detention Center, facing involuntary manslaughter charges.


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