Hospital Stops Delivering Babies Due To 30 Staffers Quitting Over Vaccine Mandate


A New York State Hospital will stop delivering babies later this month.
According to reports, too many workers has resigned over vaccine mandates.
The hospital is unable to safely staff the unit and will halt deliveries beginning September 25th.
Lewis County Health System released a statement saying in part:
“The number of resignations received leaves us no choice but to pause delivering babies at Lewis County General Hospital.”
According to the CEO Gerald Cayer, “6 employees in the maternity unit resigned with another 7 undecided.”
The employees quit after the hospital announced the requirement of the vaccine two weeks ago.
The hospital banned religious exemptions, however they are allowing medical exemptions.
According to Cayer, 27% of hospital staff are unvaccinated.
All New York State health workers are required to get the first dose of the vaccine by September 27th.
If they do not, they will face termination.
“We as employees have an obligation not to put those we care for, or our coworkers, at risk.” Cayer added.


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