Hotels May Be Required To Provide Rooms To The Homeless


A possible city ordinance in Los Angeles, California, would make it mandatory for hotels and motels to provide vacant rooms to assist in housing people who reside on the streets in L.A.

It has been named the Responsible Hotel Ordinance; however, critics say it is a irresponsible way to handle the homeless problem.

Ray Patel is the owner of Welcome Inn in Eagle Rock. He says that the initiative will make him accept vouchers and is like project roomkey during the COVID pandemic. However, it doesn’t provide the services the city and county provided for those individuals needing a place to go. This includes security, staff, and housekeepers.

“They could destroy the rooms, tag them with graffiti,” says Isais Garcia of Tower Motel. He adds that it would cost more for repairs than a nightly room rate.

Critics also say that smaller hotels and motels will feel most of the impact because those rates are cheaper.

If the vote is passed, the law will go into effect in 30 days. If not, it will be voted upon by voters in 2024.


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