Houston-Area Pastor Accused Of Raping Young Relative, Impregnating Her

Courtesy: Click2 Houston

Robert L. Carter, a Houston-area pastor, is being accused of raping a child and impregnating her.

Arrest warrants note that the rape began when the victim was 7 years old until she was a teen. It is said to have occurred over 600 times. Carter has now been charged with a felony.

“She had been around this monster since she was about 6 years old,” the victim’s father stated. He added that Carter was a relative of his daughter.

Carter’s profile on the Black Preachers Network website has him named as a bishop and senior pastor.

Arrest warrants state that Carter started the abuse in 2008 by going into the child’s bedroom nightly. He would then make her perform sex acts on him.

As the child got older, the acts are said to have occurred in the residence when others weren’t around, Carter’s grandmother’s residence, and behind an H-E-B in a parking lot prior to taking the victim to school. There are also claims that Carter would take the girl to Greater Bible Way Church in Sunnyside where his office was located and would then rape her.

Documents note that the victim secretly had Carter’s baby when she was 16.

The victim’s father stated that she had the baby in a closet and afterwards, Carter took the baby and dropped it off at a fire station. The supposed victim’s father has said that his daughter is now attempting to get the child back.

Although the warrant has been filed, Carter hasn’t been apprehended.


  1. Why wasnt her father paying attention to the amount of time this demon was around his daughter. This is beyond horrific

  2. The worst kind of evil is this POS who pretends to be pios. I hope he gets a$$ raped repeatedly in prison.

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