Houston Cop Shoots Man For Stealing His Taser And Assaulting Him


The Houston Police Department released bodycam and surveillance footage of a police shooting a man after he allegedly stole the police’s taser and assaulted him.

On June 26, around 7:25 p.m. Phillip D. Rogers came into a department store wielding a wooden table leg. He came over to a customer striking him in the head before walking out of the store. The Employees working at that time notified the police officer on duty.

The officer finds Rogers outside of the store commanding him to drop the table leg. Rogers did not comply with the officer’s command and started to come towards the officer wielding the wooden table leg. The officer took out his taser and used it on Rogers. A struggle started to happen once he tried to restrain Rogers.

Rogers took the officer’s taser then hit him with his fist and slammed the officer’s head against a metal window frame. That’s when the officer discharged his duty weapon shooting rogers one time before rogers fled the scene.

Rogers was located by a nearby business and was apprehended by multiple officers. He was taken into custody and then transferred to a local hospital.

The officer was treated for injuries to his head and face.


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