Houston Couple Assault, Shoot Firearm At Driver During Road Rage Incident


On Tuesday, a road rage incident occurred on I 45, close to 1960, in Harris County, Texas.

As a man was driving with his two-year-old son in the car, he got off the highway on exit 45 at Parramatta. A suspect truck trailed behind him. The vehicles then stopped.

A male driver/suspect in the truck confronted the victim at his vehicle and is said to have assaulted him.

The victim started to leave as a female suspect/passenger got out of the truck with a firearm. She then shot into the backseat window of the passenger side.

The victim kept driving as the female suspect recklessly shot again at him. A car dealership was also hit by gunfire during the ordeal.

The victim was taken to a medical facility with a suspected graze wound. He has been listed in good condition. No one else was hurt.

Nazly Ortiz, 40, is facing a charge of aggravated assault. To add, Benjamin Greene, 34, has been charged with assault.


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