Houston Father Of Five Killed During Confrontation With Teens Over Daughters Cyber Bullying


A Houston Father of 5 was gunned down on Friday, according to several family members. They say he had been hoping to speak to a teen’s parents about the bullying of his daughter on social media when he was murdered.
Brandon Curtis, 35, was shot several times in the 1900 block of Spring Brook Pass located in the Humble area. The shooter is saying that it was self-defense.
Ed Gonzalez, a Harris County Sheriff says it happened after Curtis took his daughter to fight other teens. The wife and sisters of Curtis are saying that is not how it happened.
“My brother would never put his hands on a child,” says the sister of Curtis, Jeran Perkins. “We want justice.”
“I don’t feel like it’s right to let that come out like that. I’m angry. I’m angry about it,” said Curtis’ wife, Shantal Harris. “I know my husband. My husband is not like that.”
Harris told news reporters on Monday, that her 15-year-old daughter had been bullied on social media by another teenage boy for over 9 months. She also shared messages with profane language with reporters.
Harris said that her and her husband had previously spoke with the boy’s father just a couple of months back. Friday evening, her husband, daughter, and son left to address the issue again, she mentioned.
“When he left from here, my husband went to resolve the issue. He wanted to go speak to the parents.” Harris expressed.
But Curtis never came home. When he arrived at the boy’s house, things turned violent. Officers said a 20-year-old man told him that Curtis had punched his teen brother. So, the man said that he went for a gun to protect his brother and shot Curtis. He was pronounced dead on the scene.
No charges have been filed on the case; however, this case will be sent to Harris County grand jury to decide if any charges will be pressed, according to investigators.
After the incident, Harris’ daughter received a text message saying, “we all had a fight and killed dey (sick) daddy,” over the weekend.
“They think it’s a joke,” said Robinique Miles, the sister of Curtis.
“For them to claim self-defense, it’s sickening,” added Harris/
Curtis’ family is demanding charges for the man who shot him.
Curtis was a commercial truck driver and worked long hours with the goal of just trying to provide for his family. They feel they have no choice but to fight for justice on his behalf.
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