Hundreds Of Criminal Records Will Be Cleared At The Dallas County Expunction Expo


On Tuesday, Dallas County DA John Creuzot stated that the county will conduct an expunction expo this year, again. He is expecting that over 1,000 people will attend in an effort to have their criminal records wiped away and a chance to start over, in some instances.

1,700 people have been assisted through the expunction expo that has occurred six times since 2017.

In 2021, 700 people had their criminal records wiped away partially or totally cleared.

“There are some people for example who have a criminal record, and they’re able to have some things they can get rid of,” Creuzot stated. “And it helps them. Then, there are some people who have nothing whatsoever except this, and it’s kinda hanging there. It’s an impediment to their moving on, so those are the people it helps the most.”

Those who believe that they could qualify for expunction should submit an application on the Dallas County website.



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