Ice Cream Truck Driver Arrested After 10-Year-Old Girl Claimed He Tried To Kidnap Her


Authorities say that a 10-year-old girl accused an ice cream truck driver of kidnapping her, and that man was arrested. However, 20-year-old Johnathan Castro has now been released.

On Sunday, close to 4:40 p.m., the child’s mother had contacted police. She told them that her daughter had reported being kidnapped.

Before that, the girl had gone to a deli, on Forest Ave. and Harbor Road, located on Staten Island, New York. There, she said that a man forced her into an ice cream truck.

The girl stated that she was able to get away, close to Union Avenue and Richmond Terrace, a mile away. She then used a cell phone, belonging to someone on the street, to call her mother.

Police searched the area and found the ice cream truck and Castro.

Upon investigating, authorities learned that he met the girl after she had pretended to be an adult online. She had been talking to Castro for a week and had told him that she was 18, looking mature for her age.

He picked up the 10-year-old, and when the child decided she wanted to leave, the two had an argument and police were contacted by witnesses.

Castro faces charges of acting in a manner injurious to a child, attempted sexual abuse, and assault. Because authorities don’t think that the girl was kidnapped, Castro, who has no previous criminal record, was released.

There is no word on whether the case will be prosecuted.


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