If Married To An Immigrant U.S. Says You Will Not Receive A Stimulus Check


Americans were shocked world wide, when they discovered that they would not be receiving a stimulus check due to the fact of their significant other organs.
As we all know during these tough times, a little extra money goes a long way, so receiving a twelve-hundred dollar check in the mail would be a huge relief.
Well, many others have not been so lucky, as they have found out the hidden loopholes that come with this.
Even if you are a U.S. citizen, and married to an immigrant who does not have a social security number and filed taxes together, then you are no longer eligible to receive a stimulus check.
There have been over a million Americans who have found themselves in this situation. The administration has found another way to make immigrant live’s and the lives of their family difficult.
Although there have been attempts at rectifying this, California has decided to help by creating their own “stimulus” plan, by offering five hundred dollars to individual immigrants and a thousand dollars to families with immigrants, but this does have it drawbacks.
It only applies to those who have all statues within the United States, but what of those who could not get one?
This is a truly heart shattering moment for those in dire need and their families, since the government refuses to help them, especially in times like this.

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