“I’ll Bring Every Single Gun Loaded And Ready,” Mom Threatens School Board Over Mask Policy


The Luray Police Department, in Page County, Virginia, arrested and charged a woman for making threats at a school board meeting.

On Thursday evening, 42-year-old Amelia King, is said to have violated the code of Virginia 18.2-60 Oral Threat While On School Property.

The Page County School Board had a meeting to talk about the governor’s mask order. It allows students to decide if they want to wear a mask or not.

The school board voted and agreed with the order.

When it was time to take remarks from the public, King stated, “No mask mandates. My child, my children will not come to school on Monday with a mask on. Alright? That’s not happening. And I will bring every single gun loaded and ready.”

Then, she was cutoff by the board for going over her three minute allotment. She then added, “I’ll see you all on Monday.”

King delivered an apology later on that was read at the conclusion of the meeting.

On Friday, police presence was rammed up around area schools.

Reports indicate that King is out of custody on a $5,000 unsecured bond.


  1. I can understand parents becoming so angry at the school boards total disregard for their students difficulties in wearing MASKS and also the determination that the school boards have to force the females students to share toilets with transgender students which has already been proven to be a threat to the safety of girls .Then there is all the sexualisation of students discrimination and pornagraphic material that students are also exposed to .It’s enough to send parents ballistic when they have had no voice and are continually shut down.No this frustrated parent should not have made this threat and i am sure she is very sorry now realising the impact of her statement and how serious it was. However given the disgusting behaviour of the school board members allowing these significant
    Changes in the school having no communication with parents, then refusing to listen to them and their very real concerns is where all this animosity and emotional outbursts has developed. The school boards are taking too much apon themselves that they are not entitled to do. This is in my opinion is political and not in the best interests of the students at all.

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