“I’m Going To Murder You:” Man Tells Neighbor, Who Exposed Genitals, Before Fatally Shooting Him


32-yard Eddi Moreno, of Las Vegas, Nevada, is said to have shot his unarmed neighbor. The neighbor had allegedly had his hands inside his pants and “approached” Moreno. This happened as an altercation took place on Monday evening.

Authorities stated that the shooting happened at about 7:07 p.m.

Moreno is accused of open murder with a deadly weapon after shooting Joe Moreno. Records show that Eddi told authorities that they had come home from a family activity and observed his neighbor looking into his backyard.

Eddi added that Joe was “acting aggressive and appeared to be talking to himself.” This lead to Eddi’s wife retrieving his gun for him as he threatened Joe. He told him to leave his property or he would be shot.

Eddi then authorities that Joe stood on a boulder and came towards him with his hands in his pants. He stated that he shot Joe once he came onto his property.

Joe, 47, was declared deceased at the scene.

When Joe’s partner was questioned, she told authorities that they had a dispute. This left Joe being locked out of their home.

Authorities also talked to Eddi’s wife who had called authorities. Records show that she stated that Joe had exposed his genitals. She said this was done towards their children as he put his hands in his shorts. But, Eddi told police that he did not remember seeing that happen.

Another neighbor reported to police that the incident was recorded on a Blink device. In the recording, it depicted the dispute between Eddi and Joe. Arrest records state that the conversation revealed Joe saying Eddi was going to kill him and that Eddi did not care and that he was going to “murder him.”

Authorities stated that they apprehended Eddi due to detectives belief that Joe was not observed standing on Eddi’s property or looking into his backyard. Furthermore, detectives claim that the boulder was on Joe’s property, and Joe did not make a threat to Eddi about having a weapon on him. Also, Eddi was heard telling Joe he was going to “murder him.”

After the shooting Eddi Moreno is accused of saying, “That’s what he gets. He’s not going to do that in front of my kids. Are you crazy?” documents show.

Officials say that no weapons were found on Joe.

Moreno is set to appear in court again on August 13. Then, he could be released on $100,000 bond. He was ordered not to have any contact with Joe Moreno’s girlfriend and cannot be in possession of any firearms.

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