‘I’m Tired Bro!’ Boosie Badazz Erupts As He Is Handcuffed During Traffic Stop


Torence Hatch, the Baton Rouge, LA, rapper known as Boosie Badazz, was pulled over and put in handcuffs in Georgia. He then went into a “rage” right in the center of the road, on Tuesday.

The Fairburn Police Department said that they stopped a black Cadillac Escalade as 19-year-old De-shun Lawrence was driving. Officers said that they couldn’t see the temp tags due to a glare causing it to be illegible.

When the SUV was pulled over, an officer smelled marijuana, requested backup, and handcuffs were placed on the two men.

An officer asked that Hatch and Lawrence stand at the back of the SUV in the front of the patrol vehicle. Boosie then became enraged.

“I’m tired bro,” Boosie stated multiple times, citing that he had been stopped seven times in two weeks. “I got out of Atlanta and moved here for change. I’m about to move my sh**t!”

Boosie went on with the tirade, filled with profanity, for about 15 minutes. It was recorded on an officer’s body cam.

He then says that if he’s going to be transported to jail, then let’s do it.

“I’ll spit on every f***ing body!” he yelled. “…show ’em how I get down…,” he continued.

The rapper also offered the services of women he said were at his residence to the officers.

“I got like 35 h**s [expletive] at my house right now. If anybody wants their [expletive] let me know.”

Boosie claimed that officers targeted his car. Thus, he said he was going to call his lawyer to see about pressing charges.

Officers found a bag containing a small amount of marijuana inside and a big bag of cash.

Both men were given citations and let go.


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