Inmate Pretends To Be Billionaire Movie Mogul, Stealing $11 Million While Locked Up In Prison


31-year-old prisoner Arthur Lee Cofield, Jr., a Georgia inmate, is accused of stealing $11 million from a billionaire movie mogul. He is said to have used the funds to purchase a mansion in Atlanta, doing so while he was incarcerated in a maximum-security prison.

Cofield is said to have impersonated Sidney Kimmel. He is the uber-wealthy chairman and CEO of a L.A. entertainment business. Cofield is accused of conducting his scheme with the assistance of contraband cell phones from the Georgia Department of Corrections Special Management Unit.

Cofield is locked up for armed robbery and stole the identity of 94-year-old Kimmel. He then swiped millions of dollars from his Charles Swab account, reports note.

The gang member deceived customer service reps with the financial service company over the phone and got them to wire the funds to a business in Idaho. This was in order to purchase over 6,000 American Eagle one-ounce gold coins.

Then, he was able to get a private plane to transport the coins to Atlanta. He used a part of that to help buy a $4.4 million mansion in Buckhead.

Cofield has been charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and money laundering.

65-year old Eldridge Bennett and his daughter, Eliayah Bennett, 27 have been charged for helping with the operation. All three have pleaded not guilty.

Kimmel was immediately reimbursed by Charles Swab when they were made aware of the occurrence.

The scheme is said to be the biggest heist performed from behind bars in American history.



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