Inmates Tested After Possible Monkeypox Exposure In Dallas County Jail


After showing signs of the disease, an inmate in the Dallas County Jail is being tested for monkeypox.

“We have had a lot of active experience in those protocols keeping people safe over the last two-and-half years with Covid,” stated Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown.

Visitors can still visit inmates, and no other modifications have been made to jail management.

As of Tuesday, the Dallas County Health And Human Services Department noted 14 cases of monkeypox. At least one of those cases have derived from local exposure.

Monkeypox can be spread through contact with bodily fluids, lesions, or items that have been touched with fluids by a person with monkeypox, like bleeding.

Some symptoms include a rash, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and body pains.

Monkeypox doesn’t just impact people of a certain sexual orientation. On the other hand, recently, most cases have been found in men who have sex with men.

People that are at high risk for monkeypox exposure should be knowledgeable of the risks. They should get the appropriate medical treatment if they show any signs of the disease.


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