Instagram Model Dropped Down to 65 Lbs During Battle With AIDS


Gena Tew, a 27-year-old Instagram model and viral TikTok user, has opened up about her near death experience while battling with AIDS.

Brooklyn’s Gena Tew shared her diagnosis in a TikTok video on March 23 after being hospitalized on many occasions.

Her body had started to give up on her and she lost so much weight that she only weighed 65 pounds. Tew also shared that she lost sight in one of her eyes and her muscles had weakened to where she could not walk.

Doctors say because of the extent of her deterioration of muscles and immune system, she had been living with AIDS for at least a decade.

The advancement in technology and access to better antiviral treatments has made Tew’s future look promising. Her recent videos have shown herself gaining weight as she recovers from the worst of her battle with AIDS.

In the past, Tew has built relationships with several celebrities. Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, and Chief Keef, just to name a few, have all publicly linked with her before. However, it’s unclear if they were ever romantically involved.


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