Investigation Regarding Child Abuse/Neglect In Everman


The Everman Police Department are aware of the circulating social media post / video of a child that appears to have been neglected and malnourished. They are actively investigating the child’s situation alongside the alliance for children and child protective services.

The child suffers from multiple illnesses which have also contributed to the child’s appearance in the post. There have been no accusations or suspected criminal activity at this time however, it has been assured that the they will aggressively work to ensure that the child is receiving the proper care and resources they deserve.

The Everman police also stated that they want to make sure the public knows that they are taking the appropriate action, and that they appreciate the public’s concern on the issue as they always take any concern of child abuse or neglect with the utmost seriousness. They are also thankful to their partners at the alliance for children and child protective services for their swift work and response in making sure they had the best possible outcome for the child.


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