Itasca ISD Superintendent Arrested And Charged With Online Solicitation of A Minor

Courtesy:Itasca ISD

An Itasca ISD superintendent was the seventh person arrested for online solicitation of a minor.

On June 1, 47 year old Michael Stevens was arrested at Itasca High School. He was a former coach, assistant principal and principal in north Texas.

Stevens allegedly sent nude photos of his genitals to an undercover in Houston that he thought was 15. He then asked for nude photos and videos in return.

According to Constable Alan Rosen said that Stevens some of the photos appeared to be taken inside his office.

It was also said that Stevens was planning a trip to Houston to engage in sexual activities with the undercover that he believed was the 15 year old.

Instead detectives arrested Stevens at Itasca High School.

He is the seventh person arrested arrested in the sting.

Itasca ISD released a statement saying, “On June 1, 2023, the District was contacted by a detective with the Harris County Sherriff’s Department. According to the detective, Superintendent Michael Stevens was taken into custody. Until more facts are confirmed, no further information can be shared. The Board of Trustees will be convening a meeting to review this matter and take appropriate action”.


  1. Now you know that there’s gotta be some kids that he’s done this to for real and this wasn’t hos first time trying this. Your kids ain’t even safe at school. Praying for this crazy world thay we live in.

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