James “Boobie” Miles, Star Of “Friday Night Lights,” Sentenced After Failing To Register As A Sex Offender


Reports indicate that James Earl “Boobie” Miles Jr. was convicted of failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements.

Now, he has been given a 13-year prison sentence.

Miles is most-known as a member of the popular Permian football team that was depicted in the book turned movie, “Friday Night Lights.”

In July 2022, 53-year-old Miles was charged after authorities say that he didn’t update his sex offender registration in January 2022.

Documents show that Miles was given a 5-year prison sentence in January 2020, following a guilty plea to aggravated assault. Prior to that, he was indicted in August 2015 in relation to a June 1999 assault.

One of the guidelines under his plea agreement was that he would have to register as a sex offender when released.

Miles is still waiting to go to trial for two family violence offenses. He was charged in March after his ex-wife was discovered passed out in her vehicle with strangulation bruises around her neck and a bruised face.


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