Jocelyn Savage, R. Kelly’s Fiancée, Says The Two Are Expecting A Baby Girl


Jocelyn Savage, R. Kelly’s fiancée, claims that she is having a baby girl with the 55-year-old artist although his lawyers have denied it.

Savage showed images of her sonogram to reporters and stated that she was excited. She says that she is 5-months pregnant.

Jennifer Bonjean, Kelly’s attorney, stated that Savage isn’t having the singer’s baby. However, the 26-year-old says that his attorney wasn’t aware that the couple was doing IVF before he went to jail because she had told him that she couldn’t conceive a child.

“When he got sent to prison, we paused on it. I had them freeze my eggs until I was ready,” Savage stated. She added that when his lawyer found out, she requested that she have an abortion because he had just received a 30-year sentence.

“Me and Robert wanted to have a child for a long time. He is very happy about it, his lawyer isn’t…,” she added.

This new revelation comes two months after it was announced that the couple was engaged.

Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for coercion, sex trafficking, and more charges. He has consistently said that he is innocent and would appeal the verdict.


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