Jordan Windle: From Cambodian Orphanage to the Olympics


Jerry Windle always desired to be a dad, but it was unlikely for a gay man in the 90’s to have this dream come true.

Then, he read an article about a man adopting a child from Cambodia, and it never said anything about a mother. He decided to call the number on the article.

Months later, he was holding a sick little boy, from Cambodia, in his arms. The boy was fighting for his life as he was malnourished and dealing with an infection.

Now, that boy, Jordan Windle, is going to the Olympics. At 7, he began diving. Then, at 9, he won his first junior national championship.

Six years later, he is now representing the US at the Olympics, but in his heart, he is also standing up for Cambodia.

Recently, the Cambodian flag was tatted on his arm, so people can see it when he dives.



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